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How Therapy Works

Your journey of healing begins with therapy. Yes, you may think, "I don't want to talk about it." Or, "I don't remember everything that happened." Or, "I don't want to dredge up the past. I want to focus on what is happening now."

As your therapist, I will create a safe and stable environment both within the therapy session and outside of it, so that you can tell your story in your own way at your own pace.

I will help you establish clear, strong boundaries that will give you a sense of safety and predictability.

I will help you look at the ways that you have been coping and explore how they made sense based on what you experienced in the past.

Together, we will also look at how those coping strategies are working in the present and how they might be interfering with the goals you have for yourself.

My style is strength-based and solution focused. In other words, together we look at your abilities and strengths. I will help you build skills you can use to achieve your goals and to feel safe within your own body and environment.

We will identify your strengths and supports and explore ways to increase and enhance their importance in your journey.

I look forward to supporting and helping you as you move from feeling stuck and helpless to feeling competent and empowered.

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