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If you are an individual who may be struggling with traumatic stress or someone who is using alcohol or other drugs to cope, you may be considering therapy because some of the ways you are thinking, feeling and behaving don't make sense to you.

Perhaps these are some thoughts you have about yourself.

  • I keep doing the same thing in relationships or at work thinking it will be different this time.
  • People, places and things seem to set me off and I feel out of control.
  • I don't feel like other people. I am either on edge and hypervigilant or numb and shut down.
  • I don't trust my own instincts.
  • I feel frozen and stuck. I want to move forward.
  • I am using alcohol, drugs or other harmful behaviors to feel less bad.
  • I feel like there is a war going on inside me.

If this sounds like you, you may have some healing from trauma and addiction to do. And you need support in healing from trauma. How you have coped in the past makes sense based on what you have experienced. Now, with help you can learn more effective ways to cope.

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I am honored to have been named by Washingtonian Magazine (July 2009) as one of the Top 200 therapists in the Washington, DC area based on nominations by fellow therapists.

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